about connected dlt

Connect your brain with your ledger

In today’s “super-connected world of things”, we as connected dlt are seeking partners to engage us to help bring forth this platform to the masses. Whilst we as connected dlt are sharing the latest developments on an individual basis, our aim is to bring commerce and people together.

The channels of sharing this platform is by means of education, conferences, workshops and other services. We connect industry, policy decision-makers, international organisations and supervisory authorities.

connected dlt is a small team, based in Switzerland, bringing to life the potential of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

The connected dlt Project

We as connected dlt strive towards this elevation by facilitating a world where everybody has more understanding of the Distribute Ledger Technology (DLT), leading to more control for themselves, freedom and acceptance.

Distributed Ledger Technology

The relatively new technology may need to be simplified to see the benefits and applications this technology can offer.

New Technology Adoption

As in the case of internet (www) and smartphone, the new technology encounters uncertainty and healthy scepticism before being widely accepted.


The immense potential offered by Distributed Ledger Technology is continuing to evolve and adapt to lifestyle requirements.

Simplification And Security

The decentralised database is simple and most importantly secure to use with world class encryption to protect your privacy and intellectual property.

Why Should You Be Interested In connected dlt?

We as connected dlt provide something for everybody as we like to engage with people who

  • do not know of the existence of the DLT, and or the everyday uses of these platforms
  • have knowledge of the DLT and seeking to learn more about the technology
  • have knowledge and seeks to apply the technology to others


Our Mission

We as connected dlt are connecting people to the Distributive Ledger Technologies by any means necessary!

Our Vision

To accelerate the world’s transition to Distributive Ledger Technologies.

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